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International Singer Songwriter Association

2020 nominated JC Hill in 3 categories:
USA Male: Rising Star
USA Male: Songwriter of the Year
USA Male: Emerging Artist of the Year

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City lightsJC Hill
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Very happy to announce "City Lights"

by JC Hill nominated for best song of the year on Museboat Live Channel....................very cool.

listen to City Lights:

BWH Music Group (Austin,TX)
Review “City lights” by JC Hill:
We love this track. Your vocals are so refreshing - earthy, bluesy, and captivating.  
I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be a part of Indie Talk's "Sizzling Songs of the Summer!!" Podcast Show featuring summer vibes.

RadioPlay Today:
We have reviewed your track, "City lights"
These things were awesome:
This track has an intense and bluesy feeling right from the start. The brass section and saxophone riff delivers a powerful shot of energy that really gives this track a lot of character and a catchy sound. The guitar is heavy and the bass is deep and resonant. The vocals are expressive and textured, capturing the essence of blues music and weaving the lyrics into a story. The lyrics themselves are simple yet iconic, catchy and memorable. They paint a picture of the city, a man walking and thinking about his troubles. "You don't need a thing anymore." The way this line is performed is just spot on, with a very authentic feeling that oozes with emotion. "Crazy living in this old town, thinking about the wild times, thinking about my past crimes. they don't mean a thing anymore." This line has a timelessness to it and is very well written and rhymed. Overall we definitely enjoyed this track. It has a timeless bluesy feel to it that is authentic and original. 

WILD 95.5 (Palm Beach,Fla)
About "City lights" by JC Hill:
Wow, really impressive song, actually there is magic in your music, anyone who listens to it will go crazy. I want to say something about your song.
... Wow you have a good vibe! Keep it up, I can't believe this until I listened to it!!!

Radio PlayToday 

We have reviewed your track,
"The man in the hat."

These things were awesome:

The track starts off with warm and resonant acoustic guitars that really set the tone of the track. The bass sounds deep and warm, the drums lend a chill, rock-style beat. The synth violin also adds a nice melody and detail.
The vocals are cleanly recorded and well mixed with the track in a balanced way. The vocal style suits the music style very well, with a folky and down-to-earth vibe. "Have myself a smoke, life can be a joke. funny how it turns, funny how it burns" is a nice line that is cleverly rhymed and captures a certain symbolic sadness and existential condition. "The man in the hat, he says he knows where I'm at" is a catchy and memorable hook. The entire song creates a great image: the train station, smoking a cigarette, a mysterious figure with a hat, and the bluesy music.

This could take you to the next level:

Overall, the song is extremely well crafted and sounds very polished and resolved. There is no specific feedback for improvement.

We thought it was an overall solid release and it is definitely ready to be played on the airwaves.

About "Desert crossing" by JC Hill:
Devin (co-host 502 FallenAngelRadio - Indiana)
said "You did an amazing job, I'm very impressed"
This song is not yet released, they received an advance copy.

BWH Music Group wrote:
Absolutely love your song "Hi & Lo" and I feel your heart. I love the authenticity of your sound. Thank you for submitting your music to BWH Music Group. We are home of WNIR and 6 review and interview blogs. We are highly selective with our blogs and radio, and I really liked what I heard.

Radio Play Today:
We have reviewed your track, "Let the cold wind blow."

These things were awesome:

The vibes on this record are very refreshing. Sometimes it does feel good to just sit back and take all of the feelings in and just surrender to the universe. The guitars on this song are very soothing and they allow your audience to sit back and reflect on life. You are speaking directly from your soul and manifesting the warm air into your life. The days don't always have to be dark and cold, at any moment you can close your eyes and decide you are living in paradise. Your voice is awesome, and this record sounds like it came out 50 years ago. You are a true rocker, and we are sure that your concerts are nothing short of greatness. Thank you for giving us this feeling of joy and allowing anybody listening to take a second to live in the moment and feel alive. We will forever support you here at Radio Play Today and we are excited to hear what you have for us in store next. 

JC Hill
Performing as a solo acoustic artist with great vocals and amazing guitar work.
Playing top hits from 1980 to NOW!!

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*** Recent Reviews ***
What sets JC Hill apart from other performers we've had is his infectious energy and undeniable charisma. His show is not only entertaining but also highly interactive, creating a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for his audience. An unforgettable experience where everyone had a great time and JC created lasting memories.......
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
from The Shack 181 in Hadley, MA:

Great performer, attentive to the room & crowd.

Great response from all. We'll invite him back.
(They had me return 7 times since this review)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
from Jill B.

Great performance!! 

Great ambience for my friend’s party. JC was responsive, pleasant and made the event go from good to great.
Thank you for making the day so special!

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