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         JC Hill

Find out why JC Hill is the #2
Country Alternative Artist in the Northeast
per ReverbNation 

Over 1,150 followers and 4,000 monthly listeners on

Performing as a solo acoustic artist with great vocals and amazing guitar work.
Playing modern country, alternative and original music


JC Hill has performed at many places in Ct. 
Western Mass and New York over the past year:

The Duck in Sturbridge,Mass, Methuselah's in Pittsfield,Mass
The O's Music Bar in Sunderland, Mass
Orange County Choppers in Newburgh,New York
Bryac BlackRock in Bridgeport,
Shebeen Brewing Company in Wolcott, 
Thimble Island Brewery in Branford,
Hop Culture Farm & Brews in Colchester,
Coventry Lakehouse Restaurant & Bar in Coventry,
East Haddam Farmers Market, Storrs Farmers Market
Preston Ridge Winery in Preston, CT
June's Outback Pub in Killingworth
The Rustic Cafe in East Lyme,
Sunset Landing in Waterford,
The Marlborough Tavern in Marlborough, 
Priam Vineyards in Westchester, La Vita in East Haddam,
The Ivory in Deep River, the Country Cafe in Guilford,
The Tavern on 66 in East Hampton, The Farm at Carter Hill in Marlborough, The Canoe Club in Middletown, Steady Habit Brewery in Haddam, Moodus BBQ in Moodus,
Scotch Plains Tavern in Essex and
Infinity Hall Bistro in Norfolk.

JC Hill is a multiple repeat performer at:
The Duck in Sturbridge, Ma.
Thimble Island Brewing Company in Branford.
Shebeen Brewing Company in Wolcott, 
Hop Culture Farm & Brews in Colchester,
Lakeview Rest.& Bar in Coventry, 
Sunset Landing in Waterford, 
The Ivory Rest.& Bar in Deep River, 
Priam Vineyards in Westchester, 
My performance at Thimble Island Brewing Company in Branford on Fri.Feb 22nd was to a PACKED HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!
I returned to Thimble Island Brewing Company May 24th and had another GREAT Show!!! Fathers Day show at Thimble Island on Sunday June 16th. Father's Day show was PACKED!!!!

On 4/6/20 International Singer Songwriter Association

nominated JC Hill in 3 categories for this years awards:
USA Male: Rising Star
USA Male: Songwriter of the Year
USA Male: Emerging Artist of the Year

On 1/30/20 International Singer Songwriters Association

And here they are, today's long awaited #Highlighted #Featured #Artists! Please meet this talented group:

@JCHill52605853, @BrookeButler,

@SethJones, @RussMazion,

@KaylaValiquette and


! Find them here too:

On 1/29/20 Radio TFSC tweeted:

This was just Tweeted on Twitter:

RαΙ—ισ Ζ¬Ζ‘SΖ‡, @RadioTfsc
·And the next new song on the station!

#nowplaying Hot summer nights by

#radio #newmusic

And this gentleman responded:
Al Geiner~PR, @I_PR_THINGS
"absolutely brilliant music"

On 1/20/20 Real Old Headz Podcast 
reviewed "Too old to get famous......but still cool" 
and "Thinking back" by JC Hill.
JC Hill was the first country artist EVER REVIEWED!!!!
On "Too old to get famous" they said "they liked the story and smack on strings." On "Thinking back" the said "Cinematic, belongs in a movie!!!!!"

On 7/11 Radio Play USA reviewed my song "Thinking back",
here is what they said:"I was thinkin' when I get older, somebody will listen to me." Aren't we all thinking that! We really enjoyed the vibe of the track. The track showed that you have a versatile style and are easily able to create guitar/singer vibes. Your voice truly captivates the listener with its power, and your guitar provided just enough accompaniment.

On 7/5/19 "1 Drop Music Promo" - tweeted about my song
"The loneliest place"
Your title is on point, the song does have the lonely feel about it, great vocals and passion too, great job πŸ™πŸ’―πŸ”₯

On 6/27/19 "1 Drop Music Promo" - tweeted about my song "Thinking back":

   1 Drop Music Promo  @1dropmusic

The song makes me feel slightly low but then it has uplifting tones too, great job that generates a lot of emotions  100!


On 6/26/19 "Music Lovers Home" - tweeted about my song "Thinking back":

πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š at the time i was so alone πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š great vibes with this track - give it a listen

On Nov.17th 2018  Storrs Farmers Market Master wrote:“And just like that, our outdoor market season is over! Thank you to everyone who braved the snow today to get their Thanksgiving food shopping done to some amazing music from J.C.Hill.”

Phone: 860-494-0109

Upcoming shows
due to Covid-19.

July 17th - Branch & Blade Brewery, Keene, NH, 5 - 8 pm
August 9th - Hop Culture Brewery, Colchester, CT, 2 - 5 pm
August 10th - Pearl River Saloon, Pearl River, NY, 6 - 9pm
September 8th - Veracious Brewing, Monroe, CT 

Past events
​March 6th -   Green Growler, Croton on Hudson, NY  8-11 pm
Feb 22nd  -    The Duck Restaurant, Sturbridge, MA  7-10 pm
Feb 20th  -     Hog River Brewing, Hartford, CT  7-9 pm
Feb. 21st  -    Cafe Atlantique, Milford, CT 7-9:30 pm
Feb. 14th -     New City Brewery, Easthampton, MA  8-10 pm
Feb. 8th -       Chute-Gates, Terryville, CT   8-11 pm
Feb. 7th  -      Brew Practitioners, Florence, MA  7-10 pm  
Feb. 2nd  -     Hop Culture Brewery, Colchester, Ct 2-5 pm
Jan. 21st  -    Two Roads Brewery, Stratford, CT 6-8 pm
Jan. 25th -     Next Door, New Haven, CT  9pm 
Jan 17th  -     Tavern on 66, East Hampton, CT  9-12 midnight

Jan. 18th  -    Center Street Brewing, Wallingford, CT  5-8 pm
Jan. 11th  -     Better Half Brewing, Bristol, CT  7-10 pm
Jan. 9th  -       Fort Hill Brewery, Easthampton, MA  5-7 pm
Jan. 8th  -       O.C.C Cafe, Newburgh, NY  6-9 pm
Jan. 3rd   -     
The Rendezvous, Turner Falls, MA 9-12 pm
Dec. 29th -      Charter Oak Brewing Co., Danbury, CT  3-6 pm
Dec. 20th -      The O's, Sunderland, Mass  10-11 pm
Dec. 15th  -     Hop Culture Brewery, Colchester, CT  1-3 pm
Dec. 14th  -     The Duck Restaurant, Sturbridge, MA  7-10 pm
Nov. 29th  -     Tavern on 66, East Hampton, CT  9-12 pm
Nov. 17th  -     Preston Ridge Vineyard, Preston, CT  12-3 pm
Nov. 15th  -     Methuselah's Bar & Lounge, Pittsfield, Ma. 6-9 pm

Nov. 9th  -       Thimble Island Brewing Co., Branford, CT  12-3 pm
Nov. 8th - 
      The Pub, South Windsor, CT 4-7 pm
Oct. 27th -       Housatonic River Brewing Co.,New Milford,CT 3-6pm
Oct. 18th  -      Blackledge Country Club, Hebron, CT 6-9 pm
Oct. 12th -       Semkow Farm, Colchester, CT 12-1 pm
Oct. 11th  -      The Duck, Sturbridge, Mass. 7-10 pm

Oct. 9th  -        Note Kitchen & Bar, Bethel, CT  7-10 pm
Sept. 28th  -    Fire at The Ridge, Middlefield, CT,  6:30-9:30 pm
Sept. 21st  -    E. Haddam Farmers Market, E. Haddam, CT 9-1 pm
Sept. 14th  -    Storrs Farmers Market, Storrs, CT  3-5 pm
Sept. 13th -     Shebeen Brewing Company, Wolcott, CT 7-9 pm
Sept. 8th  -      Hop Culture Farm & Brews, Colchester,CT  1-4 pm
Sept. 1st -       Thimble Island Brewing Company, Branford,CT 2-5pm
August 29th -  June's Outback Pub, Killingworth, CT  7-10pm
August 18th -  Thimble Island Brewing Company, Branford,CT 2-5pm
August 17th-   Lakeview Rest.& Bar, Coventry, CT 6-9 pm

August 15th -  The Duck, Sturbridge, Mass  6-8 pm
August 15th -  Rustic Cafe, East Lyme, CT 10-12pm
August 10th - 
The Duck, Sturbridge,Mass  7-10 pm
August 8th -    Bryac 
Black Rock, Bridgeport, CT  10-11:30 pm
August 4th -    N. Branford Potato & Corn Fest, Northford, CT, 12-4pm
July 27th -       Hop Culture Farm & Brew Co., Colchester, CT 1-4 pm
July 18th -      The Rustic Cafe, East Lyme, CT  9-12 pm

July 20th -      Storrs Farmers Market, Storrs, CT,  3-5 pm
July 14th -      Thimble Island Brewing Company, Branford,CT 2-5 pm
July 12th -      Riverfront Food Truck Festival, Hartford, CT, 6-8 pm

July 13th - 
    East Haddam Farmers Market, E. Haddam,CT 9-1 pm
July 6th -        Sunset Landing, Waterford, CT 6:30-9:30 pm
June 29th -     Hop Culture Farm & Brew Co., Colchester, CT
June 22nd -    Lakeview Rest.& Bar, Coventry, CT 6-9 pm
June 21st -     Rocky's Aqua, Clinton, CT, 8-11 pm

June 20th -    The Rustic Cafe, East Lyme, CT 9-12 pm
June 16th - 
  Thimble Island Brewing Co., Branford, CT  2-5 pm
June 15th -    East Haddam Farmers Market, E. Haddam,CT pm
June 8th -      Shebeen Brewing Company, Wolcott, CT,  7-9 pm
June 1st -      Sunset Landing, Waterford, CT 6:30-9:30 pm
May 26th -     Shebeen Brewing Company, Wolcott, CT 1-4 pm
May 25th -     Coventry Lakeview Restaurant, Coventry, CT 6-9pm 
May 24th -     Thimble Island Brewing Co., Branford, CT,  6-9 pm
May 18th -     The Ivory Rest.&Pub, Deep River, CT 8:30-11:30pm
May 16th -     The Rustic Cafe, East Lyme, CT, 9-12pm
May 11th -     Storrs Farmers Market, Storrs, CT,  3-5 pm
April 27th -    The Ivory Restaurant & Pub, Deep River, CT 9-12am
April 13th -    Shebeen Brewing Co., Wolcott, CT, 1-4pm
March 21st - The Marlborough Tavern, Marlborough, CT, 7-10 pm
March 16th - Moodus BBQ, Moodus, CT,  8-11 pm
March 7th -   The Rustic Cafe, East Lyme, CT,  9-12 pm
Feb. 24th -    Scotch Plains Tavern, Essex, CT,  3-6 pm
Feb. 22nd -   Thimble Island Brewing Co., Branford, CT,  6-9 pm
Feb. 15th -    Priam Vineyards, Colchester, CT  4-7 pm
Feb. 9th -      Steady Habit Brewing Co., Haddam, CT,  2-5 pm
Feb. 8th -      Priam Vineyards, Colchester, CT,  4-7 pm


2019 JC Hill